In addition, we advise architectural companies, help them to implement the program of three-dimensional graphics and conduct professional courses for three-dimensional graphics.
In the studio 3dhouse believe that the three-dimensional modeling tools allow you to enjoy easy and convenient work in architecture, and not only like the result in the form of a beautiful and realistic images, but also to effectively implement and use it in the drawings.
Three-dimensional visualization allows us to look into the future and get a picture of the finished project, which is scheduled only on paper. You can visualize the entire interior as a whole and its individual parts. Thus, it is possible to get a picture of a multistory building or a room in a design project.
In the studio 3dhouse we see the need for our services division into different categories according to the level and quality of images, this is done in order to adapt to your budget.
We do our best to meet your needs with our capabilities in the visualization and understanding of architectural projects.
With the help of three-dimensional plans company easily can present the architectural design to its customers. Even ordinary people can easily understand what they are getting as a result of cooperation. Both sides come out satisfied through three-dimensional graphics, which simplifies our lives.
Architects and designers can have many advantages in the use of three-dimensional graphics tools, so we in the studio 3dhouse see the need to help architectural firms in the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional drawing, allowing them to work more efficiently.
3dhouse uses a unique method of working that enables architects and designers to make a smooth transition from the two-dimensional visualization of the project in the three-dimensional, and the level and quality of work doesn’t fall, and the work becomes more efficient.
In our company, we put emphasis on the selection and adaptation of the work of our clients in the program Revit, such as: prototyping files modeling three-dimensional blocks and graphics standardization of work with three-dimensional drawings, as customers are accustomed to working with two-dimensional drawings (Autocad). In the 3dhouse studio we are helping architects and designers to get phenomenal results in a three-dimensional Revit program.
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