Unitronics is dedicated to creating advanced technological solutions that serve the automation sector.

Whether it is developing a specific product or software for the OEM market, or executing a large-scale automated project, our goal is the same–to provide our clients with safe, user-friendly, cost-effective automated control that is easy to implement.

About Unitronics

Founded in 1989, Unitronics’ innovative approach to reliable automation is driven by in-depth knowledge of the needs of the automation control industry. This knowledge is gained through the company’s decades of experience with diverse projects in automated parking systems, packaging and palletizing, energy production, agriculture, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler industries, plastic extrusion, and other industrial channels.

Today, the company’s international operations include Unitronics Automation Solutions, and the Unitronics’ Products Division. They cover over 50 countries, and are supported by a network of professionals comprising over 140 distributors, sales reps and local service agents worldwide, including over 80 professionals in North America alone.

Unitronics Automation Solutions specializes in Automatic Parking Systems (APS) and in providing logistic solutions and integration services.

Automated Parking System services start with traffic and parking surveys, conceptual solutions and design, continue through to detailed engineering, construction, installation, and then to operation and maintenance. Unitronics provides LEED-certified, ‘green’ APS solutions. 

Logistic Solutions and Integration provide services for a diverse range of industries, with particular expertise in automated warehouses and distribution centers.  Unitronics designs and builds new systems from the ground up. The automation team is also highly experienced in the upgrade and retrofit of complex existing systems. Unitronics performs projects in compliance with requirements including GMP, FDA regulations, and local ‘green’ considerations.

Unitronics’ Product Division launched an industry first, over two decades ago—the first All-in-One controller, an integrated HMI+ PLC with on-board I/Os. Compactly designed, this game-changing controller revealed immediate savings in eliminating time-intensive tasks such as PLC-Panel wiring and communication setup. Unitronics supported the All-in-One concept with revolutionary software that enabled the Ladder control, HMI application, and all hardware and COM configuration to be programmed in a single, simple environment. 

Unitronics controllers have won a number of industry awards, most recently in 2013 and 2014.

In addition to its international presence, Unitronics directly employs approximately 200 professionals in all relevant disciplines—design, research and development, procurement, production, logistics, technical support, marketing, sales, project management and administration.

For the implementation and support phases of logistics and parking systems, Unitronics teams include mechanical engineering and mechanical field teams, electrical engineering and electrical field teams, control engineers, software engineers, program and project management teams, training teams, implementation and validation specialists, and more.

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