The creation of three-dimensional models
The distinctive feature of 3D models built by our developers is high level of: - quality - vividness - detalization - colorfulness We provide the service of transferring two-dimensional plane images
Architectural visualization
The creation of three-dimensional exact copy of the architectural plan that exists only in documents on paper is the main purpose of 3D architectural rendering, a powerful technology that allows you
Courses in three-dimensional modeling
The 3D House Studio training course in Revit software allows junior architects, designers and developers to get through 3D modeling, and learn how to launch appropriate nice and eye-catching light
Animated video
The process of creation of 3D animated videos is quite complicated and detail-oriented, but results you’re going to get are worth it! 3D House Studio specialists create realistic and bright 3D
Consultations in three-dimensional drawings
We provide consultations and assistance during implementation and launching of Revit software, the powerful tool for 3D modeling and architectural visualizations in help for architectural companies,