3D Architectural Visualization of Exterior

Country cottage or skyscraper, block of flats or the residential community, sport centers and municipal buildings, resorts and hotels with the help of architectural visualization it becomes easier to imagine how all these buildings will look like in future reality. Due to 3D exterior visualization there is already no need for architects to prepare vast amount of different layouts, drafts, documents and other unnecessary stuff. 3D exterior design and architectural visualization allow to avoid the grey paper routine full of hardly understandable and dull schemes, schedules and graphics. Instead of this, the up-to-date technology of 3D architectural visualization displays the realistic, extensive and extremely detailed images of the future architectural project exactly in a way it will be conducted in live. Besides, the created 3D images of the project being done in colorful and bright manner are easily understandable for customers. 3D architectural visualization of the exterior gives the possibility to create the realistic and volume models of the architectural objects. This technology is extremely detail-oriented, so, the customer is able to observe every line of the building, and to look over the object from different sides. The main advantage of such technology is the possibility to develop the models that display the objects within various weather conditions. The client can have a look at his future property in bright rays of summer sun or in the moonlight. Also, 3D architectural visualization shows not only the exterior appearance of the object, but a landscape around it. The work of the experienced 3D designer results in qualified 3D images that contain highly realistic models of the objects that look like real digital photos of the already existed neighborhood. There are a lot of distinctive features of using 3D exterior visualization: the technology allows to fix bugs, and correct the object appearance in a short period of time. It makes possible for client to see various variants of his future property after applying different kinds of facing materials, changing facade construction and roof covering. Furthermore, 3D architectural visualization considers to be a powerful marketing tool that plays an important role in the process of advertizing and selling the future object, thus, it’s very handful for investment, real estate agencies, architectural, building companies.