3D Architectural Animation

At the present days 3D architectural animation is an irreplaceable tool for depicting and obtaining the realistic images of the architectural project that is on a half-way of its development or is on the early stage of its building. What is 3D architectural animation itself? In spite of 3D architectural rendering, that is just a static image, 3D architectural animation is a short movie, a video clip, contained hundreds of such static 3D images. The images are joined up together and played as a real movie when people can observe all camera movements and light-and-dark play. With the help of 3D architectural animation designers and developers are able to create the whole 3D panoramic tour around the property, 3D walkthroughs and interactive 3D floor design plans. Besides, this technology makes possible to see not only building itself, but its surrounding: landscape and infrastructure development of the neighborhood where the property is situated. A comfortable and not large single-family country house or residential or cottage community that covers hundreds of acres, all of them can be observed as already existed architectural project long before its launching. 3D architectural animation is on its rise now, and it tends to have bright future, because this technology contains more visual information than just simple image or even 3D rendering. A video clip of a high quality gives maximum realistic picture of the object will look like being moved to live. The customers that are not very proficient in architecture and building obtain the bright and alive 3D model of their future property to find out its strong points, advantages, and to appreciate the project as a whole. Nowadays, there’s no time for discussing dull layouts and drafts, it’s high time for outstanding architectural ideas to be turned into colorful and volume model of reality!